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    steadicam Steadicam is a brand of camera stabilizer mount for motion picture cameras that mechanically isolates it from the operator’s movement. It allows for a smooth shot, even when moving quickly over an uneven surface. The Steadicam was invented by cameraman Garrett Brown and introduced in 1975. A Steadicam essentially combines the stabilized steady footage of a conventional tripod mount with the fluid motion of a dolly shot and the flexibility of hand-held camera work. While smoothly following the operator’s broad movements, the Steadicam’s armature absorbs jerks, bumps, and shakes. The Steadicam is a great option for renters needing to shoot steady and smooth film. If you need assistance using the Steadicam you can also request the assistance of our videography team.


    If a Steadicam sounds like a camera tool you need or want to rent or have the help of our videographers, contact our offices today to get a quote.