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    Alert Message Shortcode

    These are perfect for displaying important information, alerts or messages to your viewers. The options we include allow you to animate the box when it shows in the viewport, use font awesome icons, customize the colors, accent colors, border sizes and more.

    Alert Message Content Goes Here
    Click The X To Close Out The Box

    4 Default Message Types Or Build Your Own

    There are 4 default message types: general, error, success, notice.  And a “custom” message type can be used to customize the elements.

    Default General Message Type
    Default Error Message Type
    Default Success Message Type
    Default Notice Message Type

    Customization Settings

    The shortcode options allow you to set background colors, accent colors (text/icon), border size and color, and display a bottom shadow.

    Fully Customizable Settings!
    Customize The Background Color
    Customize The Accent Colors
    Control The Border Size
    Control The Border Color
    Subtle Box Shadow Setting

    Animation Settings

    Alert boxes can have CSS3 animations. This allow the box to animate when it comes into the viewport to helps catch the viewers eye.

    Bounce Animation Setting
    Slide Animation Setting
    Flash Animation Setting
    Shake Animation Setting

    Complete Set of Options 

    Every option and description included with the alert shortcode is listed below.

    • type – Can be one of these values: general, error, success, notice, or custom. Sets the type of alert message.
    • accent_colorCustom setting only. Accepts a hexcode ( #000000 ). Sets the border, text and icon color.
    • background_colorCustom setting only. Accept a hexcode ( #000000 ). Sets the background color.
    • border_sizeCustom setting only. Accepts a pixel value. For example, 1px. Sets border width.
    • icon – A font awesome icon value. For example, fa-glass.
    • box_shadow – Can be one of these values: yes, or no. This will show or hide a box shadow below the alert box.
    • animation_type – Can be one of these values: none, bounce, fade, flash, shake, or slide. Sets the animation to use on the shortcode.
    • animation_direction – Can be one of these values: down, right, left, or up. Sets the incoming direction for the animation.
    • animation_speed – Accepts a numerical value from .1, which is the slowest, to 1, which is the fastest.
    • class – Add a custom class to the wrapping HTML element for further css customization.
    • id – Add a custom id to the wrapping HTML element for further css customization.

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